2024 KIHL Draft

by Arden Phillips

Kiwi Inline Hockey League General Managers converge on Taupo for the 2024 KIHL Draft.

Inline Hockey Fans tuned in to watch the 2024 KIHL Season 3 Draft Live as General Managers began to assemble their rosters for the upcoming season. 

The live event was hosted by no other than Sting Netminder Maia Rata who had the task of reading franchise picks throughout the evening and keeping the viewers engaged. 

It was the Soldiers who would pick first and within seconds of the Draft opening announced an obvious selection in Wellington native Jaan Turia. Turia brings a vast amount of experience at the elite levels. 

The Royals would also make their selection within seconds of the clock starting and announced 2022 U21 MVP and KIHL All-Star Braeden Kettle.

Falcons were up next and selected  2023 KIHL Champion and Pasifika Maori All-Star Jaden Merlo.

Sting made the 4th Overall Pick and opted in another KIHL Debutant but definitely no stranger to New Zealand Inline Hockey circles with Shawn Craig. The Northland native will be one to watch in Season 3.

Dolphins had the final pick of Round 1 and select 2023 KIHL Champion and Pasifika Maori All-Star Ant Taylor. A great edition to the Dolphins after a dominant year from Taylor. 

The Draft was a great experience and a good way for players and their friends and families to celebrate their selections to KIHL Franchises. KIHL was advised that multiple gatherings around the country took place to watch the Draft, and essentially that's what it's all about. 

Your KIHL Top 35

#1 Jaan Turia, Soldiers 

#2 Braeden Kettle, Royals 

#3 Jaden Merlo, Falcons

#4 Shawn Craig, Sting 

#5 Ant Taylor, Dolphins 

#6 Dane Hill, Soldiers 

#7 Riki Elston, Royals 

#8 Brandon Johnston, Falcons

#9 Maia Rata, Sting 

#10 Nathan Lovell, Dolphins 

#11 Kaleb Rock, Soldiers 

#12 Toby Webb, Dolphins (Trade pick 12 for Edwin Quiroz)

#13 Todd Cooke, Falcons 

#14 Nick Thom, Sting

#15 Kory Sweeney, Dolphins 

#16 Joel Ashworth, Soldiers

#17 Devon Kay, Royals 

#18 Johnny Andrew's Nye, Falcons 

#19 Hugo Roy, Sting

#20 Max Toa, Dolphins 

#21 Cole Friedos, Soldiers 

#22 Jack Schuler, Royals 

#23 Theo Taylor, Falcons 

#24 Oscar Hamilton, Sting 

#25 Tim McKay, Dolphins

#26 Nathan Sergent, Soldiers 

#27 Shawn Dickinson, Royals 

#28 Jarrod Carroll, Dolphins (Trade pick 28 for Ben Thompson)

#29 Cam DeBoer, Sting 

#30 Brooklyn Langdon-Poutoa, Dolphins 

#31 Adam Foster, Soldiers 

#32 Kaleb Scott, Royals 

#33 Blair Smith, Falcons 

#34 Harry Tappin

#35 Andrew Coogan, Dolphins