ANZAC All-Star Most Valuable Players

by Arden Phillips

ANZAC All-Star Weekend saw three Main Events with Game MVPs and the Pacific PowerTools Series with a Most Valuable Player and Most Valuable Goalie awards.

Next Level Performance vs Wahine-Toa All-Stars - Game MVP #12 Jana Kivell. 

Next Level Performance vs Pasifika Maori All-Stars - Game MVP #14 Daniel Berno. 

Next Level Performance vs KIHL All-Stars - Game MVP #86 Byron Tschuma. 

Pacific PowerTools Series saw Wahine-Toa, Mana Cup, U21 Young-Guns and 38+ All-Stars battle in a four-way round-robin format. 

Mana Cup All-Stars taking Pacific PowerTools Series lead by Captain Arden Phillips. 

Pacific PowerTools Series MVP - #98 Elliot Tam, Mana Cup All-Stars 

Pacific PowerTools Series MVG - #20 Zac Williams, Young-Guns.