Jasmine Horner-Pascoe - Hockey Player and Mum

by Arden Phillips

With the evolution of Womens Hockey in New Zealand over the past decade, and multiple successful campaigns in both Ice and Inline.

Jasmine Horner-Pascoe has been there and done it all. The Ice and Inline Superstar recently became a mother and welcomed her first child baby Eli.

The KIHL Wahine-Toa All-Star Captain talks with KIHL about her past, present and future while juggling hockey and baby.

Hi Jasmine we last saw you skating during KIHL All-Star Weekend, What have you been up to?

It’s been a busy time since I was last on skates. I was 4 weeks pregnant when I played ANZAC weekend and there’s been lots of life changes since. Firstly I was promoted to Detective Sergeant after being in the Police for 10 years. In August I became engaged to my awesome partner, Hannah. And most exciting of all, we welcomed our little boy, Eli on the 30th of December 2023, so definitely a busy year! 

Congratulations on your career, engagement and becoming a mother for the first time. What a big year of celebrations. A first for KIHL to have an active player go on maternity leave. We're very proud of you.

What has been the most challenging while taking a break from hockey?

Although a very exciting time, I really struggled with being away from hockey for the past 8 months. Other than being out with an ACL injury in 2020, I’ve never really been away from hockey since starting when I was 5. I miss the competitive atmosphere but mostly the people. It was weird not having the regular weekends away and catching up with everyone. Almost felt a bit isolating at times. I also really struggled with the body changes and not being active. 

We certainly missed having you around and we couldn't agree more the people make for a great weekend. We look forward to having you join us again. 

Has the break from hockey given you an opportunity to reflect on all you have accomplished during your hockey career?
Yeah definitely. I think reflecting on the accomplishments made me feel like it was the right time to step away and focus on growing my family. 

Well you definitely earned it !

We know it's only early days but what's been the best thing about going from hockey superstar to mother?

Just the priority shift, forever I have prioritised hockey and in adult life, work. Since the arrival of Eli, he’s really all that matters and making sure he’s happy and healthy. 

Absolutely, we're glad you're both doing really well. Technically you're now a hockey mum.
What type of hockey mum will you be?

I think a lot of people would expect me to be the loud one, given I’m pretty vocal at hockey but I think as a hockey mum, I will try to be more in the background and allow him to grow through the sport at his own pace. I’m sure I will have my moments of being vocal though! 

"Classy until the puck drops" is what I'm hearing. Haha, jokes. We're absolutely certain Eli will share your passion.

On a serious note,
What are some of the challenges for you returning to hockey?

At the moment the main challenge is getting my body back to being fit and strong. I think confidence will be a real issue as well, I’m always very much in my own head at hockey so knowing I will be coming back not as strong will be a challenge for me. No doubt I will get back there though as I’ve seen so many of the hockey mums before me do.

Well something had to slow you down. Too many highlights watching you turn people inside out with those silky mitts.

Speaking of silky mitts
When are we likely to see you back skating?

I played on Thursday, it was great but also very frustrating, I felt very slow and nothing quite clicked. I will try to go to regular scrimmages until the season starts to blow off the dust. I have every intention of playing the first round of KIHL. I’m pleased I made the call to play Mana Cup this year though as the idea of chasing those prems/young guns around is definitely too much this year. 

Oh we hear you on that. The League has continued to increase in talent since we launched in 2022.

What are your future hockey aspirations?

I’ve still got a lot of hockey left in me and intend to play for New Zealand again in both Ice and Inline. 

We couldn't agree more and we definitely will be looking forward to seeing you back on the international stage.

I just want to thank my parents, they did everything possible so that I could play hockey and I’m super grateful to them. I’m also really grateful to Hannah, who has been really supportive with me returning to hockey and making sure I can play both ice and inline this year.

Thanks for taking the time to talk with us and we look forward to seeing you back out there soon.

Congratulations to Jasmine and Hannah. And a very warm welcome to baby Eli.

Jasmine Horner-Pascoe 

Club: Current / Past, Inline and Ice

National / International accolades

Inline Club History:

Mount Wellington Panthers – Current

North Shore Blackhawks 

Manukau Storm 

Auckland Sabres 

Ice Club History:

Auckland Steel, formally Auckland Women’s Rep 


New Zealand Inline since 2007 

New Zealand Ice since 2011 

Inline Hockey Accolades:

In terms of Inline accolades, I have received MVP for the season multiple times while with Panthers women. I have also received MVP for Nationals on two occasions, 

Ice Hockey Accolades:

2010 Most Valuable Player – Women’s Nationals, Gore.

2011 Most Valuable Player - Womens Nationals, Christchurch

2011 Most Valuable Forward - Womens Nationals, Christchurch

2011 Most Valuable Player - Against Korea at the World Championships, Iceland.

2012 Most Valuable Player - Womens Nationals, Auckland.

2013 Highest Point Scorer - Womens League

2014/2015 Most Valuable Player – Women’s National League

2014/2015 Top Points Scorer – Women’s National League

2015 Most Valuable Player – Against Croatia at the World Championships, Scotland

2016 Most Valuable Player – Against Southern in the Women’s National League

2017 Most Valuable Player – Against Christchurch in the Women’s National League

2018 Most Valuable Player - Against Christchurch in the Women’s National League

2017/2018 Most Valuable Forward – Women’s National League

2018/2019 Most Valuable Player – Against Southern in the Women’s National League

2018/2019 Most Valuable Player – Against Canterbury in the Women’s National League

2018/2019 Most Valuable Player for Auckland – Women’s National League

2019 Most Valuable Player – Against Turkey at the World Championships, Romania

2019 Most Valuable Player – Team New Zealand

2019 Highest Point Scorer – Team New Zealand – World Championships, Romania

2020 Most Valuable Player – Against Australia at the World Championships, Iceland 

2022 Most Valuable Player – Against Southern in the Women’s National League 

2022 Most Valuable Player for Auckland – Women’s National League