KIHL All-Stars Hit Australia

by Arden Phillips


The KIHL All-Star Team and the KIHL Young-Guns headed to Brisbane, Australia to join the Aus vs NZ Super Series. 

Joining the event were Next Level Performance, Melbourne Ducks and Skate Paradise. 

KIHL teams had to adjust to the physicality of the Australian teams along with the rink surface and smaller goals. While results didn't go our way the KIHL All-Stars and Young-Guns kept their composure throughout the tournament and improved significantly during their games.

Skate Paradise walking away champions of the Aus vs NZ Super Series trophy. 

While the Young-Guns headed back home to NZ, the All-Star Team continued on to Moe, VIC to join the Australian Club Championships. 

Day 1. The KIHL All-Star Team was entered into the Pro Division and came up against the Red Dragons in their first match. KIHL All-Stars went on to win 4 - 2.

Day 2. Was always going to be a big challenge with a two game day against the defending champion CCM Bulls and Next Level Performance. The KIHL All-Star Team managing to get early goals while the Bulls struggled to score. KIHL All-Stars going on to Win 3 - 1. Next Level Performance was going to be another challenge as KIHL had lost the last few match ups in Brisbane. However our lads were up for the challenge and managed our first win over Next Level in a 4 - 1 win.

Day 3. Saw the Kiwis atop the table and continue with their momentum putting a 6 - 0 win over the Dingoes with Edwin Quiroz holding a shutout. The boys then had to wait on results to see who they would face in the semis after going through unbeaten. 

Day 4. Red Dragons would face KIHL All-Stars in the semi. The game didn't start well with the Red Dragons getting two quick early goals. But our All-Stars held composure and came back with 4 unanswered goals to win and gain entry to the ACC grand final.

A controversial semi between The Bulls and Next Level Performance saw the Bulls Goalkeeper ejected with only minutes left in the game.  However a Defensive error saw the Bulls manage a late goal and punch their ticket to the grand final. 

KIHL All-Stars unfortunately couldn't find their form in the final, this, combined with a hard-working Bulls side that would not give up, saw the KIHL All-stars down 2-0 early in the game. While the All-stars battled hard for the rest of the game, they unfortunately came up short. Final score 4-1 to the CCM Bulls.

Edwin Quiroz was named Pro Division Tournament MVG with a Save% of 0.918.

Kiwi Inline Hockey League are extremely proud of our boys and their achievements throughout the tournament.