KIHL Junior

by Arden Phillips

It's Official 

KIHL Junior is coming to New Zealand

KIHL Junior will change the way Kiwis play Inline Hockey with a Junior draft league set to begin in October 2024.

The Kiwi Inline Hockey League will launch a Junior version of the league with registrations opening July 1st 2024.

KIHL Junior will cater to the 13+ - 16 age group and will compete across two Divisions and 4 - 5 Franchises. 

16 minutes per half stop clock games with 3 × regular season rounds,  1 × 3 game playoff series and, 1 × 3 game finals series.  

Rosters will be logged to the KIHL website for players to track their statistics and progress throughout the season. 

Review your games through KIHL YouTube Channel With the events set to stream games for both Divisions. 

Sign Up - Get Drafted - Play Hockey 

Registration Opens July 1st

Registration Closes August 2nd

hit the link for all relevant information regarding KIHL Junior. 


KIHL Junior 24/25 Registration